Automated and optimized server stack deployment

Because the web is about performance, WordOps automatically sets up and configures your server’s stack for maximum performance depending on your server’s resources. It also provides several caching solutions to get a blazing fast WordPress site.

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Linux Kernel
Tweaks and settings adjustement for better memory management, higher bandwidth and low-latency network with the congestion control protocol TCP BBR.
MariaDB Tuning
Latest MariaDB stable release automated installation/upgrade and post-install settings tuning depending on the server resources. Weekly database maintenance and optimization.
Custom Nginx package
The latest Nginx stable release with TLS v1.3, HTTP/3 QUIC support and Brotli compression. Comes with additional modules and patches like Dynamic TLS records support.
Nginx configuration
Optimized Nginx configurations for WordPress and PHP based sites with load-balancing on PHP-FPM pools via unix sockets and WordPress full-page cache in Redis.
Multiple cache backends
Nginx fastcgi_cache, Redis full-page cache, WP-Super-Cache, WP-Rocket and Cache Enabler are supported out of the box with custom and optimized Nginx configurations.
Redis 7.0 installation and automated tuning depending on the server resources. Additional systemd service to apply Linux kernel settings for Redis on boot.
016 Safety


Simple but powerful automated security hardening 

About SSL/TLS, WordOps follows the Mozilla InfoSec security guidelines by using modern protocols and strong TLS encryption. And it also keep your server and sites secured with firewall/fail2ban automated setup and additional security directives for WordPress as well as for other PHP based CMSs and sites.


Nginx directives to secure WordPress by denying PHP execution in uploads and cache directories. DDoS protection with rate limiters.
UFW Firewall
Automated firewall setup and configuration during installation with a minimal set of rules to keep your server running safe and secured.
Automated Security Updates
WordOps enables automated security updates and provides the command "wo maintenance" to update all other packages on your server.
ClamAV Antivirus
Automated ClamAV Antivirus setup with cronjob for weekly signature database update. A usage guide is available in the documentation.
Fail2ban custom filters and jails to secure SSH/FTP ports with Nginx integration to secure the WordPress login page and to prevent DDoS.
FTP secured with SSL/TLS
Transfer files easily to and from your server. With an encrypted connection. With ProFTPd, automatically secured with an SSL certificate.
Modern SSL/TLS
TLS v1.2 and TLS v1.3 with HTTP/3 QUIC protocol support with strong ciphers suite and ECDHE forward secrecy. OCSP stapling and HSTS support.
Let's Encrypt
Support for domain, subdomain and wildcard Let's Encrypt ECDSA (faster/stronger than RSA) SSL certificates with 384 bits ECC private keys.
Security Headers
All recommended security headers included. Such as X-Frame-Options, X-XSS-Protection, X-Content-Type-Options and Referrer-Policy.


WordOps uses only simple and easy to remember commands

We want to make sure everybody will be able to use our command-line tool and will only focus on what they are doing, not on the system administration tasks. That’s why we have made WordOps installation/removal simple and fast, as well as installing/removing each stacks independently.

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Web dashboard
WordOps dashboard displays the main metrics about your server, and links to all installed tools like phpMyAdmin, Adminer, Netdata, etcetera.
Plugin configuration
WordPress caching plugins are automatically installed and pre-configured during the site creation/update.
Install all stacks or only the stacks you needs to run your sites. Install/remove any stack independently of the others.
Netdata real-time monitoring suite automated installation and configuration with Nginx PHP-FPM, MySQL & Redis metrics.
All Nginx configurations can be customized to fit your needs and you can block configuration overwriting by creating a file .custom.
SSL Certificates renewal
WordOps use the awesome tool to handle Let's Encrypt certificates and it provide a certificate renewal process fully automated
Update process
WordOps update process is the most simple possible, you just have to run "wo update" to get the latest release with no impact on your sites
Instant sites deployment
When the main stacks are installed on your server, deploying a new WordPress site will not require more than 20 seconds !
Easy maintenance
WordOps include Simple commands to upgrade stacks with new configurations as well as "wo maintenance" to update all packages
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Automated installation, configuration and optimization

WordOps use WP-CLI to automate WordPress installation and plugin installation and configuration. It also set all proper settings in wp-config.php like trash auto-cleaning, max post revisions or automated minor updates install. It also provide an additional layer of security for WordPress, with custom Nginx configuration and fail2ban.