v3.9.8 – WordOps stable release

A new WordOps release is available !


  • Allow web browser caching for json and webmanifest files
  • nginx-core.mustache template used to render nginx.conf during stack setup
  • APT Packages configuration step with wo stack upgrade to apply new configurations
  • Cloudflare restore real_ip configuration
  • WP-Rocket plugin support with the flag --wprocket
  • Cache-Enabler plugin support with the flag --wpce
  • Install unattended-upgrade and enable automated security updates
  • Enable time synchronization with ntp
  • Additional cache exception for woocommerce


  • Do not force Nginx upgrade if a custom Nginx package compiled with nginx-ee is detected
  • Gzip enabled again by default with configuration in /etc/nginx/conf.d/gzip.conf
  • Brotli configuration moved in /etc/nginx/conf.d/brotli.conf.disabled (disabled by default)
  • Moving package configuration in a new plugin
  • Cleanup templates by removing all doublons (with/without php7) and replacing them with variables
  • Updated Nginx to v1.16.1 in response to HTTP/2 vulnerabilites discovered
  • Disable temporary adding swap feature (not working)
  • wo stack upgrade --nginx is now able to apply new configurations during wo update, it highly reduce upgrade duration


  • Error in HSTS header syntax