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Wordops New Nginx Package

New Nginx package for WordOps

We are very happy to announce the availability of a new Nginx package for WordOps built on the latest Nginx stable release (1.20.2). The package is available for Ubuntu 18.04, 20.04 and 22.04, Debian 9.0, 10 and 11 as well as Raspbian 9.0, 10 and 11. Debian 11 and Ubuntu 22.04 LTS will be supported…
Wordops V3.14.0

v3.14.0 – WordOps stable release

We are really sorry for the delay about WordOps update and we will try to keep it up to date properly in the future. This is a stable release but we will publish some maintenance release in the next few weeks. What’s New ? The main feature is PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1 support. A…

v3.13.0 – WordOps stable release

After two maintenance releases two weeks ago, we have published a new stable release today. What’s New ? MariaDB 10.5 is now shipped by default with WordOps, and we added the command wo stack migrate –mariadb to upgrade previous MariaDB versions to 10.5. This command will perform a full backup of your databases before upgrading…
Wordops V3.12.4

v3.12.4 – New WordOps maintenance release

After a few quieter months, two WordOps maintenance releases were published this week! What’s New ? The first maintenance release (v3.12.3) add support for Avif (AV1 Image Format) in addition to WebP with Nginx, and replace Gzip by Zstd (Zstandard) to perform all compression tasks in WordOps (Zstandard provide better compression level with lower compression…

v3.12.0 – New WordOps stable release

After a few quieter months, a new stable WordOps release is available ! We hope you are safe and healthy during these uncertain times. What’s New ? The latest Nginx stable release package is now shipped with WordOps (1.18.0), built with the latest OpenSSL release (1.1.1g) and we added support for the brand new Ubuntu…

v3.11.0 – WordOps stable release

A new stable release is available ! What’s New ? The main new feature of this release is PHP 7.4 support. You can install PHP 7.4 at anytime with the following command: wo stack install –php74 Otherwise, you can switch a site to PHP 7.4 by running the command: wo site update site.tld –php74 As…

v3.9.9 – WordOps stable release

A new stable release has been published few days ago : v3.9.9 What’s New ? Let’s Encrypt In this release, the most important part was refactoring integration to make it more modular and to be able to support incoming features. We added support for another acme challenge : DNS Alias. It’s pretty similar to…
migrating to

We are migrating from Slack to

Why this migration ? Because we are about WordOps users privacy but also because Slack is not really intended to be used as a community chat (as an open-source project, we are not really willing to pay for a chat software), we decided to migrate from Slack to a self-hosted instance available on….
Wordops V3.9.8.8

v3.9.8.8 – WordOps maintenance release

Another maintenance release available for WordOps : v3.9.8.8 It include fixes for several bugs reported by the community, which makes WordOps more stable after each release. Github release : Few words about WordOps release publication frequency The most part of important features missing in EasyEngine v3 such as wildcard and subdomains SSL certificates, securing…

v3.9.8.6 – WordOps maintenance release

What’s New ? Another post to announce two new releases at the same time, v3.9.8.5 and v3.9.8.6, published with less than 24 hours between them. Both of them are maintenance releases, which include fixes for issues or errors reported by the community. But there is a new feature available with the release v3.9.8.6 : subdomains…