v3.11.0 – WordOps stable release

A new stable release is available !

What’s New ?

The main new feature of this release is PHP 7.4 support. You can install PHP 7.4 at anytime with the following command:

wo stack install --php74

Otherwise, you can switch a site to PHP 7.4 by running the command:

wo site update site.tld --php74

As WordOps support three different PHP versions, we have removed the flag --php73=off.
Instead, you can now use --php72, --php73 or --php74 to switch between PHP 7.2, 7.3 and 7.4.

Currently PHP 7.2 is still the default PHP version, but we will switch to PHP 7.3 soon as it’s the current stable PHP release.



  • PHP 7.4 support
  • Improved Webp images support with Cloudflare (Issue #95). Nginx will not serve webp images alternative with Cloudflare IP ranges.
  • Stack upgrade for adminer
  • Check installation and setup if needed before issuing certificate
  • Add --ufw to wo stack status
  • Add Nginx directive gzip_static on; to serve precompressed assets with Cache-Enabler or WP-Rocket. (Issue #207)


  • Previous --php73 & --php73=off flags are replaced by --php72, --php73, --php74 to switch site’s php version
  • phpMyAdmin updated to v4.9.2
  • Adminer updated to v4.7.5
  • Replace dot and dashes by underscores in database names (Issue #206)
  • Increased database name length to 32 characters from domain name + 8 random characters


  • typo error in motd-news script (Issue #204)
  • Install Nginx before ngxblocker
  • WordOps install/update script text color
  • Issue with MySQL stack on Raspbian 9/10
  • Typo error (PR #205)
  • php version in wo debug (PR #209)
  • SSL certificates expiration display with shared wildcard certificates