v3.12.4 – New WordOps maintenance release

After a few quieter months, two WordOps maintenance releases were published this week!

What’s New ?

The first maintenance release (v3.12.3) add support for Avif (AV1 Image Format) in addition to WebP with Nginx, and replace Gzip by Zstd (Zstandard) to perform all compression tasks in WordOps (Zstandard provide better compression level with lower compression duration).
If you want to extract as .zst archive, you can use the command zstd -d <your-file>.

Otherwise, the two releases provides several bugfixes listed in the changelog.
To update WordOps, just use the command wo update. Additionally, you will have to run the command wo stack upgrade to update Nginx configuration files.


v3.12.4 – 2020-10-14


  • Redis 6.0.6 available on Ubuntu LTS


  • Avif (AV1 Image Format) & WebP Nginx conditional support(PR #322)
  • Sendmail initial configuration with sendmailconfig
  • SSL certificates export encoding with utf-8
  • Nanorc install on Ubuntu 16.04 LTS

v3.12.3 – 2020-10-13


  • Add avif (AV1 Image Format) support into Nginx (PR #314)


  • Use zstd instead of pigz for archive compression
  • Exclude Nginx_vts status page from traffic calculation (PR #294)


  • fail2ban install without Nginx
  • Grant MySQL permissions on all MySQL/MariaDB variant (PR #285)
  • PHP PECL extensions and PHP 8.0 issues