v3.13.0 – WordOps stable release

After two maintenance releases two weeks ago, we have published a new stable release today.

What’s New ?

MariaDB 10.5 is now shipped by default with WordOps, and we added the command wo stack migrate --mariadb to upgrade previous MariaDB versions to 10.5.
This command will perform a full backup of your databases before upgrading MariaDB.

We also improved WordOps installation by using a Python virtual environment. It will avoid potential issues with system libraries and isolate WordOps safely.
Nginx cache mapping rules has been improved to cache requests with query strings related to analytics (utm_, fbclid). You will have to run wo stack upgrade --nginx to apply new Nginx configurations.



  • MariaDB 10.5 support (installed by default)
  • Upgrade to MariaDB 10.5 with wo stack migrate --mariadb


  • Improved Nginx caching rules to cache requests with query strings related to analytics (utm_, fbclid)
  • WordOps is installed inside a Python virtual environment in /opt/wo to isolate it from the system’s Python libraries


  • Useless php-cli version removal
  • Redis 6.0.6 not installed on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS