v3.15.0 – WordOps stable release

We are really happy to publish this new stable release only few weeks after then end of our holidays. We were waiting for MariaDB official APT repository for Ubuntu 22.04 LTS and it’s now available. We are still running tests on Debian & Raspbian 11 before adding them to the list of the supported linux distributions.

What’s New ?

The main feature of this release is Ubuntu 22.04 LTS support. There is also a new Nginx package, based on the latest stable release (v1.22.0) and MariaDB version bumped to 10.6 LTS.



  • Ubuntu 22.04 LTS Support


  • New Nginx package based on latest Nginx stable release 1.22.2
  • Update Referrer-Policy by @yogeshbeniwal in
  • MariaDB default version is now 10.6


  • Fix wo log reset –all by @ihfbib in
  • fix obsolete warnings logged by @ihfbib in
  • Netdata stack upgrade(PR #439)

Update steps

To upgrade WordOps, you just have to run wo update.
You can also use the initial install command wget -qO wo && sudo bash wo.

To upgrade Nginx package, you can use wo stack upgrade --nginx or the command wo maintenance.
To upgrade MariaDB, you can use wo stack migrate --mariadb.