We are migrating from Slack to

Why this migration ?

Because we are about WordOps users privacy but also because Slack is not really intended to be used as a community chat (as an open-source project, we are not really willing to pay for a chat software), we decided to migrate from Slack to a self-hosted instance available on
The last reason is the registration process, which is already easier with as you can login with your Github or Twitter account, and we are planning to add a single sign-on to provide the ability to login with your forum account.

Is it powered with WordOps ?

The chat software used is, but the server was setup with WordOps as well as the Nginx reverse-proxy required for the application. We will probably add a flag --rocketchat to the command wo site create to provide the ability to automate setup with WordOps in the next major release.

I was registered on Slack, do I need to register again ?

No, we have imported all users from Slack, and you should received an invitation email from our instance. Just click on the link inside to confirm your account creation on