v3.9.8.4 – WordOps maintenance release

WordOps release v3.9.8.4 is out !

Github release :

What’s New ?

The main new features of this release are :

  • the integration of the community driven cheat-sheets from available from the command-line. You don’t remember how to use a command ? You just have to use cheat <command> to display the cheat-sheet. You can install with the command wo stack install --cheat
  • ClamAV stack with automated weekly signatures database update. Currently, performing site scan can only be done manually, but WordOps will integrate commands to scan a site with ClamAV soon.
  • Automated Domain/Sub-domain detection with -le or --letsencrypt. Flag --letsencrypt=subdomain isn’t required anymore.
  • Nginx configuration check before performing reload/restart. WordOps will not make your sites down in case of errors in Nginx configuration anymore. It will only display a warning about reload/restart failure to let you fix the issue before reloading Nginx.



  • stack : Linux online cheat-sheet. Usage : cheat <command>. Example for tar : cheat tar
  • ClamAV anti-virus with weekly cronjob to update signatures database
  • Internal function to add daily cronjobs
  • Additional comment to detect previous configuration tuning (MariaDB & Redis)
  • Domain/Sub-domain detection based on public domain suffixes list for letsencrypt
  • Increase Nginx & MariaDB systemd open_files limits
  • Cronjob to update Cloudflare IPs list
  • mariadb-backup to perform full and non-blocking databases backup (installation only. Backup feature will be available soon)
  • Nginx configuration check before performing start/reload/restart (If configuration check fail, WordOps will not reload/restart Nginx anymore)
  • Nginx mapping to proxy web-socket connections


  • eXtplorer file-manager isn’t installed with WordOps dashboard anymore, and a flag --extplorer is available. But it’s still installed when running the command wo stack install
  • Template rendering function now check for a .custom file before overwriting a configuration by default.
  • flag --letsencrypt=subdomain is not required anymore, you can use --letsencrypt or -le
  • Simplify and decrease duration of apt-key GPG keys import


  • typo error in wo site update : PR #126