v3.9.8.6 – WordOps maintenance release

What’s New ?

Another post to announce two new releases at the same time, v3.9.8.5 and v3.9.8.6, published with less than 24 hours between them.

Both of them are maintenance releases, which include fixes for issues or errors reported by the community. But there is a new feature available with the release v3.9.8.6 : subdomains automatically secured with an existent Let’s Encrypt Wildcard SSL certificate instead of issuing new certificates. Adding this feature was possible because of a major improvements introduced with the previous release (v3.9.8.5), the automated detection of subdomains by using a public list of TLD suffix.

So you can now issue a Wildcard SSL certificate for a domain, and then all subdomains created will be automatically secured with this certificate. And you do not need to use the flag --letsencrypt=subdomain anymore, and you can use -le or --letsencrypt for domains as well as for subdomains.




  • updated OpCache Control Panel to v0.2.0


  • Fix Netdata install on Raspbian 9/10
  • wo stack remove/purge confirmation
  • Nginx error after removing a SSL certificate used to secure WordOps backend
  • wo stack install --all
  • ProFTPd fail2ban rules set twice if removed and reinstalled
  • wo site update domain_type



  • Subdomains are automatically secured with an existant Wildcard LetsEncrypt SSL certificate.
    (If a wildcard certificate exist, WordOps will use this certificate for subdomains instead of issuing new certificates)
  • MySQL & Redis stack to wo stack remove/purge


  • Date format in backup name : /backup/30Aug2019035932 -> /backup/30Aug2019-03-59-32
  • Cleanup and update bash_completion
  • is installed with WordOps install script, not as a stack because it wasn’t downloaded at all by WordOps (unknown reason yet)


  • cache-enabler plugin not installed and configured with wo site update site.tld --wpce
  • possible issue with domain variable in --letsencrypt=wildcard
  • python3-mysqldb not available on Debian 8 (Jessie)
  • Fix mysql variable skip-name-resolved
  • Fix typo in redis tuning directives