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v3.9.8.4 – WordOps maintenance release

WordOps release v3.9.8.4 is out ! Github release : What’s New ? The main new features of this release are : the integration of the community driven cheat-sheets from available from the command-line. You don’t remember how to use a command ? You just have to use cheat <command> to display the cheat-sheet….

v3.9.8.3 – WordOps maintenance release

Another maintenance release for WordOps is available ! Github release : Additional informations At first, we have updated our Nginx package and TLS v1.3 as well as Cloudflare HTTP/2 HPACK are now available on all operating systems including Debian 8/9/10 and Raspbian 9/10. With this release we also introduced some changes in WordOps update…

v3.9.8.2 – WordOps maintenance release

What’s New ? New WordOps maintenance release available ! We asked last week on Twitter if we should automatically configure UFW firewall during WordOps installation/upgrade and your answer was YES at 79%. That’s why this release introduce automated UFW firewall configuration with minimal rules for WordOps usage. The second new feature introduced in this…

v3.9.8.1 – WordOps maintenance release

New WordOps maintenance release is available. Added WordOps backend is automatically secured by the first Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate issued Changed Extra Nginx directives moved from nginx.conf to conf.d/tweaks.conf Fixed MySQLTuner installation wo stack remove/purge –all variable substitution in install script wo stack upgrade –phpmyadmin/–dashboard phpmyadmin blowfish_secret key length Cement App not exiting on…
Wordops Release V3.9.8

v3.9.8 – WordOps stable release

A new WordOps release is available ! Added Allow web browser caching for json and webmanifest files nginx-core.mustache template used to render nginx.conf during stack setup APT Packages configuration step with wo stack upgrade to apply new configurations Cloudflare restore real_ip configuration WP-Rocket plugin support with the flag –wprocket Cache-Enabler plugin support with the…